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Well I mostly draw NaruHina 'cuz I love this pairing, but you can find in my gallery some SasuSaku too. :) I'm interested in photography too, but I'm really a beginner... xD But I try to get better, like at drawing too. ^^ So enjoy my gallery! :meow:







Bandico's Profile Picture
Name: Andrea
Birthday: 4th November
Location: Hungary
Likes: drawing, photography, sunsets, laughing
Dislikes: egotism, tests, commercials, speaking in front of too much people xD and being without tablet.. T_T
Traits: shy, undetermined, quick-tempered, standoffish, lazy, helpful, tolerant, unselfish, faithful and crazy xD

Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow :P
Favourite genre of music: rock, pop
Favourite style of art: realistic, anime, photography
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: my phone <3
Skin of choice: o.O wherein I was born, of course!
Favourite cartoon character: Hinata
Personal Quote: Enjoy the life because you have got only one.
I haven't posted any artwork for 1 year. Well that represents my current life. I mean, I didn't care about creating for a long time, I didn't draw a thing during the summer - but I would have had time for it. I felt kinda lost. I thought about my further education in a riddiculous way: I thought of becoming something I am not, just because the situation of my country requires more of them. (Let's say it: programmer. whoa.. I can't believe I was thinking about this.. seriously, I hate math!! o.O)
So now I'm here. Lots of things have changed since then. At first place, I know what I want and what I want to become (a graphic designer :blushes: ). Even if I'm not skilled enough yet for learning this on university, I'll do everything to reach my goal and I won't listen to those people who says "Well, you will hardly find a workplace, the country needs engineers~ It doesn't make any sense becoming a graphic designer~" blah blah blah. Well I don't care, I'm the one who decides about my future not my country. There are many of my classmates who apply for universities where they learn engineer things just because it is a well-paid job. I say, they will be lost - they will be slaves of others and they will never do what they want. But if my job will be to create no matter what - I would be happy. And that's what matters, not the salary. But many of them would say, oh you're so stupid that you're thinking this way... (omg she will be homeless... o.O) Well, we will see. Maybe I will fail. But I can say that I tried.

So getting over this serious stuff, I want to create. Now I'm over this period when I was on a wrong way. But unfortunately I have to draw sooooo boring things like cubes and bottles and so on, because the requirement of the entrance exam to the university is to draw these things perfectly. And the body of course. That's a bit more exciting than cubes. So I have to practise a lot because I'm not on the proper level yet. And not to mention the school leaving exam... You know, learning hundreds of pages about history, Hungarian literature (it's like english lesson in USA) and English topics - this one is like talking about meaningless things like where do people travel, what are the common illnesses, your family, your school... I don't know how students' language knowledge can be masured by learning these topics... But we have to do it. I just can't wait till these things end: learning also those things what I won't even use in my entire life. Well I have to wait till July.

OMG, you're so kind if you read all these things above and you got here! o.O If you really did, than I give you a huuuuge hug ^^ :hug:
All in all, I don't know how often and how 'exciting' artworks I will post. But I would be surprised if any of you will follow me after this long time. :\ And I also don't know if I will post regularly. The future tells everything. Now I can only say for sure that I'm here doing artworks and on the road to become some kind of an artist. :)

:heart: Love ya all! :heart:

PS.: I want to say thank you for all who colored one of my linearts, I really do appreciate it and means a lot to me! :glomp: :heart:
  • Listening to: P!nk - Try
  • Playing: Katawa Shoujo

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